Sunday, February 22, 2009

The easy way to look younger & lose weight

Want to look younger, lose weight, feel great without even trying. Yes believe it or not it is possible. How you may ask. The secret is to get enough sleep. For most people, eight hours of sleep is required for one to be fully energized and alert for the next day.

However some sleep experts argue that it is not the quantity of sleep but the quality of sleep that is important. In other words it is important to have deep restorative (Delta) sleep as compared to the having more of disrupted or broken sleep.

Most people don't really understand the importance of getting enough sleep. As a result they deprive of themselves of enough sleep. Sleep deprivation results in :

  • One feeling tired and fatigue throughout the day
  • Reduces levels of focusing and concerntration
  • Poor or loss of memory
  • Sluggish thinking capability
  • Reduces the body's immunity systems (measured by lower white blood cell count)
  • Decreases the release of Growth hormone
  • Disrupts the body's metabolism and hormone system
  • Prone to mood swings and feeling depressed
But can sleep really work wonders. Can it make you look younger, lose weight, look great and feel happier.

For one when you enter deep sleep, the body secretes more Growth Hormone and other related hormones which function is to :
  • increase and maintain bone density and muscle mass
  • decrease body fat
  • increase exercise capability
  • promote healing of injuries and repair tissues
  • Stimulate general body growth
  • regulate one's metabolism

Simply meaning , these hormones work to maintain and repair the body to ensure it's functioning well and kept young. Hence why sleeps helps you to look younger.

In the same way the lack of sleep reduces the secretion of hormone leptin. The hormone leptin's job is to tell the brain "to stop eating, as the body has stored enough. Thus when there is less of leptin hormone, you tend to eat more resulting in increased weight. Lack of sleep also increases ghrelin - the 'go' hormone which makes you want to eat more.

There is also the tendency to think more about food when you are awake more. This makes you eat more. Lack of sleep also makes you feel too tired to exercise. Lack of exercise in turn makes it easier for you to gain weight.

In short, if you want to lose weight, look younger, feel happier and think faster, make sure you get enough of your beauty sleep. Depriving yourself of sleep is not only dangerous to your health but also to others, if you suddely fall asleep when you drive the car.

So till next time, sweet dreams.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

How to get sexy legs, butt, hip, thigh and tummy

Have ever had the feeling that no matter what you do be it dieting ,workouts , etc. You never seem to get the result that you hoped for.

True, the bottom line to looking great and feeling healthy involves exercising, eating right and eating less. Yes, you can lose weight by dieting but how do you get those perfectly sculptured bodies like the celebrities or top models.

Like you I've tried my hand at all sorts of stuff from aerobic videos, martial arts , cardio workouts and dance routines. But none of them gave me the results I wanted which is to get rid of my flabby thighs and leg. After long hours of exercising I still see flabs and jiggly cellulite from my waist below.

Then I accidently stumbled on to Joey Atlas ULBHT (Ultimate Leg Butt Hip Thigh) program. At first I was sceptical, so instead of buying I just subscribed to his newsletters. It was great, I keep receiving helpful information, free reports and exercise routines which I tried out. To my surprise his exercises really worked. I wish I had bought it sooner.

I had only tried out his workouts for about a week before noticing that I could now fit into my old pair of jeans and blouse that I had'nt been able to fit in since I got married. After that I immediately placed an order for a digital copy of his programs (immediate delivery) since I could'nt wait for the DVD to arrive which would take some time as I live across the continents.

You see Joey's program works because his exercises involves working out all the different muscles that helps to tone your shape and gets rid of flabby bits and cellulite in the process . The workouts may look simple but believe me they really challenge your muscles and in turn you'll discover muscles that you didn't know you had.

So if you are serious to get that perfectly sculptured sexy legs, butt, hip thigh and tummy like the covergirls in the magazines. Then Joey's program is a must. Don't wait ant longer as there is a 50% discount on his product when you buy now. What's more it really works. I know I've tried it . Here's the link that you should check out

When you do get this program , don't just leave it in around to collect dust. Take Action, don't waste time and money. Do the workouts and you'll be on your way to Look great and feel happy. Till next time have a nice day.