Thursday, November 26, 2009

Diet for Cancer Patients

My sister recently had a masectomy to remove the breast cancer. It was a long operation, about 15 hours long. She went in the operation room in the morning and did'nt come out till it was twelve at night.

It took a long time because after removing the cancer the surgeons did some reconstruction work using the skin from her belly. Thank God everything went well. It was a long day that day and especially so for her children who waited patiently at the hospital.

So I did some research on diet for cancer patients and here is what I found out from the net with regards to cancer treatment, every food that we eat or drink can be categorized into several different categories:
  • 1) Foods that feed and strengthen the cancer cells and/or the microbes in the cancer cells and body. Examples would be: refined sugar, refined flour, soda pop, dairy products, etc.
  • 2) Foods that cause cancer (e.g. trans fatty acids [margarine, french fries and virtually every other processed food you buy], aspartame [Diet Coke, NutraSweet, Equal, etc.], MSG, polyunsaturated oils [e.g. corn oil], etc.)
  • 3) Foods that directly interfere with alternative treatments for cancer (e.g. chlorine, fluoride, alcohol, coffee, etc.)
  • 4) Foods that occupy and distract the immunity system from focusing on killing the cancer cells (e.g. beef, turkey, etc.)
  • 5) Foods that contain nutrients that kill the cancer cells, stop the spread of cancer, or in some other way help treat the cancer (e.g. purple grapes with seeds and skin, red raspberries with seeds, strawberries with seeds, broccoli, cauliflower, tapioca, several herbs, lentils,carrots, pineapples, apple seeds, almonds, graviola, etc.)

In addition there are things like cooking vegetables. The cooking destroys the enzymes in the vegetables and make them far less digestible and far less effective in treating cancer. Pasteurizing any food or drink also does this.

Ideally, during a cancer treatment, if foods are allowed on a particular diet, 100% of everything you eat should be in the category of "Foods that contain nutrients that kill the cancer cells, stop the spread of cancer, or in some other way help treat the cancer.

" Whenever you eat a food that is not in that category, you are interfering with your cancer treatment! This is why so many cancer diets are very high in certain raw vegetables and certain raw fruits. It is best to avoid processed foods as they might contain MSG or preservatives that might induce growth of cancer cells.

I hope this will be helpful to any cancer patients out there. In the meantime, we should all adopt a healthy diet ourselves in order to avoid getting cancer. Currently one in every four deaths in the United States are due to cancer. In the mean time Enjoy this video about anti cancer diet

So until the next issue of Look Great Feel Happy, remember to adopt a happy lifestyle and well balanced eating habits so that we can stay happy and healthy. And for those cancer patients out there who feel like giving up..... just watch this video about this inspiring young man who has beaten cancer not once but three times.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Turn on Your Metabolic Switch … And Burn the Fat!

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Turn on Your Metabolic Switch and Burn the Fat

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Delicious way to LoseWeight - Pine Nut

I'm down with flu and fever now. Sorry for not posting anything for some time. I actually ran out of topics to talk about. Anyway as I was sitting down tonight munching away some pine nuts my sister's friend had brought from Pakistan. It occured to me why don't I write something about these terribly delicious nuts. Surely these something good about these nuts.

And here is what I found out from Wiki Answers about these amazing lil' pine nuts. They're actually great for dieters.

These tasty nuts have a light, nutty tang and contain some fatty acids that are capable of holding back hunger. It is estimated that one cup of pine nut (just about one ounce) provides you 190 calories and 19g of fat, while its carbohydrate content is only 4g.

No other nut or seed has more protein than Pine nuts. In addition, pine nuts are store houses of many vitamins including vitamins E, B3, B1 and B2 apart from essential amino acids, beta-carotene, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron and iodine, which are essential for a healthy living.

Pine nuts and pine nut oil contain the polyunsaturated fat of Pinolenic acid, which stimulates the hunger suppressing hormones such as CCK. Pinolenic acid is an essential ingredient of many diet formulas for repressing hunger as they act by sending signals to your brain that your stomach is already full.

Now all you have to do is just to toss a few nuts into your mouth to chuck out those extra pounds! Does that sound like music to your ears?

How do pine nuts act to suppress hunger? The peptide hormone of cholecystokinin is produced during food ingestion to be released into the blood. It is this hormone that makes you feel satiated. It is thought that the fractional digestion of proteins also results in the production of CCK. Remember that pine nuts are extremely rich in protein.

Extensive researches have been made on CCK ever since it was discovered 30 years ago. The studies have established that CCK production takes place at the duodenum, when your stomach is full.

This in turn conveys this message to the brain. CCK also brings about the discharge of pancreatic digestive enzymes, contraction of gall bladder and reduction of the rate of bowel movements, which also gives you a feeling of fullness.

Moreover, Pine nuts help in improving digestion and enhancing cardiovascular health. It increases satiety and is also helpful in managing gastrointestinal problems, autoimmune disorders and inflammation.

So to all of you who wanna lose some weight, my tip to is to get some pine nuts to help you out because apart from all the great nutritional value it has, these pine nuts are simply delicious. Till the next issue of Look Great Feel Happy, have a wonderful day.