Monday, April 13, 2009

A tribute to Mothers everywhere.

I know it's not mother's day today, but it is my mother's birthday today, so please allow me to stray a bit from my usual topic, to pay tribute to that special person I call mother. My mother who was there to witness my first steps, who taught me to read, nurse me when I'm ill, drove me to school, prepared my favorite meals and countless other things that mothers do. Through all those important moments in my life , the happy ones and the sad tough times, she has been there to provide support, help and guidence even now when I'm almost forty.

It takes a lot to be a mother. A lot of patience and a lot of sacrifice. Nursing their babies and waking up in the middle of the night, the diaper changes and all. Teaching them how to read and count. Dealing with teenage problems, the smoking, the girls, the boys, the drinking, the drug problems among others. Some even become nannies for their granchildren when their children are busy at work. Yes, it is a tall order, but a mother does it all for free without getting paid for her services, her time, her patience and sacrifice.

It is for this reason I believe, we are taught in muslim and asian culture that I grew up in, to respect our mothers and treat her with kindness and gentleness. The way she has treated us with love and tenderness when we were growing up. She could have spent her time doing what ever she like with her time, but most of the time her children was her top priority.

I'm not quite sure how it is in the west, but I believe mothers no matter where there are, whatever problems they may have. They maybe succesful businesswomen or drug addict, have drinking problems or have major problems in their life, deep in their hearts, I believe is a love for their children, a love that is timeless and borderless.

There is much to learn from our mothers. Her patience and persistence, teach us to never give up when the going gets tough and to keep striving step by step. Her gentleness and love teach us to treat others even the ones we despise with kindness. For it is unwise to fight fire with fire. Her dutiful manners teach us to be responsible people as all actions have their consequences.

So in view of the coming mothers day in the month May, let us treat our mothers with the love and kindness she has showered us with. A gift really doesn't do justice to a lifetime of time , patience and sacrifice she has given us. If possible, give her a call or pay her a visit to show her that you love her, not just on mother's day but every now and then. It's not too much for the one who has brought you in to this world putting her life on the line. So to my mother and all the other mothers everywhere, I'd like to wish Happy Mothers Day.

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