Monday, June 1, 2009

How to Get Six Pack Sexy Abs

I know lots of people would love to get great looking abs. Well defined sculpted abs or a six pack abs for guys. Here's one of my favorite tips to get six pack abs especially for guys out there to try. It's a short article by DietitianJess, from

Step 1

Resistance training or weight training, is the key to building lean body mass. If you want get rid of the ab flab, and reveal the muscles buried beneath, you need to incorporate resistance training into your exercise regimen. Muscle burns fat, each extra pound of muscle you put on burns an extra 50 calories per day! Replace five lbs. of fat with 5 lbs. of muscle and you could burn an extra 250 calories everyday just standing there!

Step 2

In addition to resistance training, you must also add a moderate amount of cardio to your weekly workout. Consider alternating one day of resistance training and one day of cardio. Remember, resistance training builds muscle, and continues to burn calories for up to 5 hours after your workout. In numerous studies, resistance training tops cardio for overall fat loss, which is your key to obtaining six-pack abs.

Step 3

Nutrition is another huge factor in your fight for fabulous abs. In order to build muscle you must include adequate protein in your diet. Usually the average of 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is the standard. After resistance training, it is important to consume protein within 45 minutes. This will ensure that your body burns fat for fuel, and not muscle. There are many myths about how to build great abs out there, but the real truth is; resistance training to build muscle, which burns fat, moderate cardio and adequate nutrition.

However if you're in a rush like most people, here's a simple video of a 6 minute abs workout you can do at home using your sofa or couch. You can do it during the commercial break while watching your tv show.

So till the next issue of Look Great & Feel Happy, try out the workout consistently for that well defined sexy abs. Have a wonderful day.

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