Friday, October 16, 2009

Foods That Help You Lose Weight Fast

Is there any food out there that will help you lose weight ? Well believe it or not there is. Here is an article from e-How that I felt would be useful for anyone trying to lose weight. Enjoy !

While there's no magic food to help you shed pounds, there are many things you can eat to help you raise your metabolism, reduce appetite and accelerate weight loss. Since diet is such an important part of the weight loss journey, even small changes you make can have a big impact on the scale.

    High-Fiber Food

  1. Fiber works as a two-way weight loss aid. It provides satiety, so you end up eating less but feeling full, and it also regulates your digestion, preventing you from becoming bloated. High-fiber foods such as green leafy vegetables are especially good because they are low in calories and fat free, so your overall caloric consumption is reduced and your weight loss is quicker and more effective. Fiber also prevents blood sugar spikes, which can lead to cravings. Other high-fiber foods that can help with weight loss include lentils, oatmeal, kale, buckwheat and apples.
  2. Spicy Dishes

  3. Some spices such as ginger, cayenne pepper and cinnamon can raise metabolism, causing the body to burn calories faster and more effectively. Spices not only cause a significant raise in metabolic rate during the actual meal, but their effect lasts for up to 20 minutes after eating. Other condiments that raise metabolism include wasabi powder, coriander and garlic.
  4. Lean Protein

  5. Chicken, turkey, fish and eggs all have something in common: they are pure protein. Because your body works harder to digest protein than anything else, you burn more calories and boost your metabolism by eating proteins. Also, protein are more satisfying than carbs and sugars, so you are less likely to suffer spikes in blood sugar or to have cravings. Certain proteins, such as salmon and sardines, are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which reduces the amount of leptin in your body. Leptin is a hormone that affects metabolism and fat burning: the less you have of it, the more effective your body is at losing weight. Low-fat dairy products and soy are also good sources of protein.
  6. Low-Sugar Fruits

  7. While fruits are natural and a good source of fiber, many contain high levels of sugar and can compromise your weight loss efforts if consumed in excess. Examples of high-sugar fruits include bananas, grapes, pears, pineapple and figs. On the other hand, low-sugar fruits provide lots of hunger-satiating fiber with very low calories. Examples include berries, papaya, plums, apricots, lime and melon.
  8. Good Fats

  9. Vegetable fats are good for lowering DLH cholesterol and providing a feeling of satiety. Since they don't contain cholesterol (as animal fats do), they do not increase the risk of heart disease or cancer. While consuming a large amount of any fats, including vegetable fats, can lead to weight gain, moderate consumption will help control cravings. Fish, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids, will even raise metabolism. Other good fats to consider are flaxseed oil, avocados and peanut oil.
So till the next issue of Look Great Feel Happy. Try out these foods which will not only help you lose weight but make you feel better and a lot healthier too. But remember to keep everything in moderation. Too much of everything is bad for anyone.

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  1. Excellent tips...even the choice of fruits is important and we care so less about our diet.