Saturday, May 16, 2009

About achieving your Dreams

There is something very special about having a dream and achieving them. It serves as a motivation to push further and improve the quality of our life.

For me it has always been about having my own business and making lots of money. I've yet to achieve both but I am working towards them at my own pace. I have not given up on this idea just yet.

I believe everyone has this feeling too. About what they want to achieve in life. It could be a wonderful job that is not stressful, doing what you enjoy most and passionate about. It could be a special person you have special feelings for. It could be owning your dream car or house.

My nephew's friend who also happens to be my husband former employee, came by the house yesterday and we got to talking. He was telling us how much he was loving his new job as a receptionist in a big and prestigious hotel. Although we were very happy for him, we made it clear that he should have bigger goals in life. You see, this boy is an amazing cook, and we just hated the idea that he would he would waste his talents, being too comfortable in his new job.

We explained to him that he had a lot of potential in him to make a mark of himself in this world. For one, he is honest and hardworking. Two important factors that I felt are important to be succesful in business. We told him if he worked hard and smart, he could even have his own business. It could be a restaurant or a factory or anything he wants.

We told him that as an employee, he'd just earn money enough to feed himself and his family. However as a business owner, not only is he able to make money for himself and his family but for all the other employees working for him and their families too.

To achieve this would require a lot of hardwork, time , money and sacrife, but in return you'll get a satisfaction of achieving something which is priceless in life. A chance to make a differance in your life and in the life of others.

So the next time you felt like giving up on your dreams. Don't. Focus on the outcome of achieving those goals. There is nothing worse than always wondering on what could have been.

Until the next issue of Look Great & Feel Happy. Have a wonderful day.

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