Thursday, July 2, 2009

Controlling Your Anger

Have you ever watched the Incredible Hulk. Yes the story about some doctor who turns into a Green Giant everytime he loses his temper. And when the Hulk loses his temper he goes on a spree of destuction. Which reminds us on the importance of controlling our anger, because when someone gets angry they usually get out of control and turn destructive.

This can lead to problems—problems at work, personal relationships and family problems. Indirectly it will affect the quality of your life, as people start to stay away from you. Worse still if someone gets injured or gets killed in the spur of rage. I've come across mothers who in the fit of rage, throw their babies to the floor. Plenty of wife battery and child abuse cases happen daily as a result of failure to control anger.

So you see, it is important for us to control our anger because if you don't then it will ruin your like. Imagine if you could channel all the enegy when you are angry towards something good. Would'nt that be better. So when you find your temper rising remember to :

  1. Keep Quiet - even if you have the urge to shout. This will keep you from saying things that hurt others or something that you'll be sorry later on.
  2. Remain calm - if you're standing then sit down, if you're sitting down then lay down for a while. This will help to cool down.
  3. Think carefully if getting angry will bring any good. If getting angry at your kids might help them discipline then go ahead but remember to be in control or you might eng up injuring them. If getting angry will only makes matters worse then avoid it. There are so many ways to deal with matters, for instance through punishment, detention, charity work or others.
  4. Cool yourself down first by having a cool drink or washing your face. Better still take a shower. This will buy you some time to think things over to calm down and evaluate the situation better. It will help you think better on how to overcome the problem.
  5. Talk softly or as you usually do. Avoid shouting and name calling. This will only aggravate anger between both parties and make things worse.
It is important for us to act professionally even when we are angry so that we don't make matters worse. As in a fit of rage, some may even injure or kill somebody. Don't let anger take over your life, but let us be in control of our anger.

So till next issue of Look Great and Feel Happy, remember to take control of our anger by implementing the 5 simple steps explained above.

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