Saturday, January 17, 2009

Inner beauty

They say that beauty starts from within. That it's not merely skin deep, that it includes your inner beauty aswell. But what is inner beauty?

Personally I see inner beauty as characteristics in a person that makes him/her attractive. Characteristics such as kindness, compassion, integrity, honesty, tolerance, understanding,dedication, charm, hard working.

Unlike outer beauty which fades with time, inner beauty just grows richer with proper cultivation. It is something that grows more beautiful if we learn to cultivate and instil in our life good and honourable values in all aspects of our life. This includes our dealing with other people, animals, plants and other creations aswell as how we deal with our own day to day problems.

For example, in dealing with little children and the handicap we need to exercise more patience , understanding and tolerance to their shortcomings. In all our dealings with anyone or anything we should always be respectful of them and treat them nicely. The way we want to be treated ourselves. Treating anyone badly would only make things worse. It not only creates a very bad image of ourself but also minimize our chances of bonding with that person.

Unlike outer beauty which can be created by using make up or cosmetics, working out , undergoing plastic surgery etc. Inner beauty just needs us to instil honourable values in our life. It doesn't require us to spend any money but rather patience and dedication to ensure that it is not superficial but life long values that we hold dearly in our life.

So till next time. Create inner beauty that last a life time as compared with outer beauty that fades with time.

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