Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pay attention to your health

My hamster died today. Her name was Kiki. Although she probably never meant much to anyone. Still she was the world to her newborn litter of 7. As shortly after this all of them died except for two who still survived drinking formulated milk from a syringe. Her death came as a surprise to all of us because out of all the hamsters we had. She was the most agressive and active of all.

This just goes to prove the point on how fragile life is and how most of us take things for granted. I suppose just giving birth to a litter of 7 and breastfeeding them was robbing her of the nutrients her little body needed. It's a painful lesson to me, to remind that I should not take things for granted. Perhaps If I had paid more attention I would have noticed that she was sick earlier.

In the same manner, our body is something that most of us take for granted . We feed it with all kinds of junk day in and day out or deprive it from enough sleep or rest it needs. When somethings goes wrong, we suddenly realise that we should have taken better care of it. How all this while, we have taken our health for granted.

Just imagine how it would be if we suddenly loss our sight, hearing or ability to walk. Life would surely be difficult and lonely. Perhaps, only then would we appreciate all the things that God has given us for free and take better care of ourselves.

It's about time we pay more attention to ourselves and thank God for all the priceless things he has given us for free. As life is fragile, who knows what's in store for us tomorrow.

So till next time. Take better care of yourself. Strive to look great, feel happy. You've only one life. Live it.

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