Thursday, December 17, 2009

Relationship Issues and Overcoming them

Since the Holiday season is coming up soon, I thought It'd be a good idea to talk about relationship issues this time. There are times when we face problems in life  and things get tougher that our relationship with the people around us is strained and we become unhappy. Not only relationship with our spouse but with our children parents, family and friends.

When this happens it's best to identify what the problems are and find ways on how we can turn it around. This is especially true in a marriage.Sometimes one person feels that he/she is taken for granted or there are some issues that creates tension and negetive feeling towards the other.

If this person just keeps it quiet and let it be for some time, then all this tension  will keep on stacking up creating more and more resentments and rejection towards the other. It might get so bad that, it might  break the relationship.

So before this happens it's always important to remember to talk things through with your spouse. If there was a problem, you can tell them about it, eventhough if it was something that is unpleasant to them.

It's better to deal with these issues early on then let it roll on to became something bigger that you need to face later on. So this holiday season, if you have relationship problem with anyone, not just your spouse, maybe with your father, mother, son or daughter. Now is the best time to mend broken bridges together.

In the meantime, watch this interesting by Anthony Robbins and his wife Sage about relationship stressors. Till next time on How to Look Great & Feel Happy, Have a wonderful time this holiday season.

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